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Covid Golf

With the world seemingly in total chaos at the moment, many of us would normally turn to golf for an escape from reality, which is tough to do when all of the courses are closed!

So what can we do for our escapism? Well, i've taken to making golf at home as fun as possible with limited space and options. You may have seen from my social media that i've been completing 18 holes of "Covid Crazy Golf" by making up challenges with anything and everything I can find at home...some of these have been far more frustrating than my normal putting woes by the way! I'm also sure that my wonderful partner is going mad with having to film me repeatedly until I hole one.

Chipping into a water filled bucket can also be fun and works important distance control skills which we can use once we do get back on the golf course.

Bottom line is, use your imagination. It doesn't have to replicate golf is supposed to be fun after all. Those of you who saw my Instagram Live video for the "worlds biggest golf lesson" will have seen "putting battleships" which only requires one golf ball and a variety of cans to play (a brilliant idea from my partner). Try and view golf through the eyes of a child, they make a target out of anything, even their parents rear end! Anything goes as long as you're enjoying yourself.

Think outside the box, have fun and find your escapism again.

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