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Back to reality


It's mad to think that it was 10 weeks or so away from golf, there aren't many times in a career where you get a 10 week sabbatical! I was fortunate that the grip of Covid 19 hasn't reached its horrific claws as far as my family and friends *touches wood*.

If i'm honest, the sabbatical probably came a few years to early in my career but it was still a great time to reflect on how far i've come and think forward to where I want to go and what I want to achieve.

Back to coaching meant prepping the coaching area for socially distanced lessons...i've found it much harder than expected to not get hands on with pupils and move them into desired positions. I've found myself reaching for the dictionary on more than one occasion to find the words that help describe what we are searching for in a players game. That being said its been great to be back with players on a regular basis as well as being back out on the golf course.

What the lockdown did reveal for me was that i wanted to get more heavily into producing my own video content. This lead to the creation of a NEW YouTube channel (matt leach golf) where I will be posting tips, golf fitness videos and golf course reviews. It has been a breath of fresh air diving into the world of YouTube, learning how to make engaging content and how to edit! There will be at least 2 new videos every week...make sure you Subscribe to the channel so you dont miss out. The link to my channel is below. Check it out and ill be back soon for more.

Happy Golfing!


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